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Twisted bits are now illegal in Victoria

The Brumby government has released the new Prevention of Cruelty to Animal 

regulations to be in force for the next 10 years.

Part of these new regulations relates to “Use of twisted bits on horses”.

The AQHA Rules & Regulations accept the use of twisted bits, as per the current rule 

book, therefore the AQHA, at this time, have taken the following stance on this matter:

"All AQHA approved events held in Victoria – it is the duty of the organising 

committee to notify all competitors that this new legislation has come into effect by 

announcements and signage. It is the responsibility of the Show Manager, Gear 

Stewards & or Gate Marshall to inform any competitor that is going to compete in a 

mouthpiece that is twisted at the point where the device is in contact with the bar of the 

horse’s mouth, that this is against the law in Victoria and that they will not receive any 

support from the AQHA in any matters that arise from them using this type of bit".

As this new legislation has only just come into effect and not many people would have 

been informed, the AQHA asks that organising committees be tolerant in allowing 

competitors time to change bits if necessary.

Carol Ricketts


Australian Quarter Horse Association